Clearing Funds for Transfer

#1 Problem Plaguing Financial Transactions is closing a transaction and not having access to the funds due to an administrative hold placed on the account.

Every bank will tell you that “Everything is fine, wire your money to the bank and the transaction will be approved”. They do not tell you that if you do not have the receiving account approved through the international banking system that they will receive your funds, but you will not have access to them. When they freeze your funds, the bank has access to your money for as long as they can keep it blocked and are only required to pay you basic passbook interest, about a half a percent a year.


Fund Clearance

Why Do I Need To Clear Funds?

In order to move funds forward from one account to another in today’s banking environment transactions must go through a very comprehensive review which is compiled into an extensive report that MUST be submitted to the world financial system for compliance with their regulations. No funds can be received by anyone without this process being completed. The banks will not advise you of this requirement as if you are not in compliance, they get to keep your funds. The banks utilizing the new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have the computer scan every aspect of all wires and transactions.

The AI technology reviews all computerized records such as Corporate Status, Business Licenses, past banking history, criminal status for fraud or bank-related crimes such as bad checks or fraud and many other areas. If one item is found, the system alerts all the other fraud detection systems and initiates a worldwide review.

If you do not comply with these guidelines your funds will be blocked. Unfreezing a bank account is much more expensive than having them cleared before you initiate your transaction to be funded.

Large International Fund Transfers

The first step in today’s financial world on any transaction is to have the person that is to receive the funds and or the signatory/owner/principal in the transaction cleared to receive funds by the International Financial System. This is a very extensive time-consuming effort that requires in- depth knowledge in the various governing agencies, their regulations, and requirements.

To be cleared and approved for a capable of receiving millions of dollars without the funds being blocked or frozen you must comply with the regulations of 20 different agencies plus the local agencies for the country of origin. This service completes the required documents and submits them to the required agencies and assist you with obtaining the required clearances to enable you to obtain “Commercial Account Status”

We help expedite this process and walk the numerous documents through the compliance and clearance process to provide a quick turnaround time.


The current regulatory requirements and the use of the AI technology will flag accounts for specious activity giving the banks the right to freeze your funds. The implementation of new regulations makes it illegal for financial institutions to transfer funds to anyone that may be involved with illegal transactions or Money Laundering.

You and your funds must be cleared prior to any transfer or attempted transfer, or your funds will be blocked by the receiving bank.

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Unfreezing Funds
Repatriation of Funds


We have the ability to either repatriate your funds to the United States or any other countries banking system though an affiliate relationship with an authorized agency. With this service we can obtain approval and transfer codes for your funds to move to the United States and or other countries. 

The new regulations are very harsh for anyone attempting to move funds internationally. We have the ability to navigate these new regulations and provide you with successful results.

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